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Below is a sampling of various projects that Darul Sadaqa786 has been a critical component in sponsoring.  These projects are differentiated by organization in order to give credit to both the people behind the work and also hightlight Darul Sadaqa786's sponsorship. 


These initiatives are by no means representative of all of Darul Sadaqa786's vast outreach of work, but rather a smaller subset where we have been granted feedback and permission by the organizations themselves to feature them on our website. 

Gallery of Our Work

Darul Sadaqa786's Darul Muhsineen Health Foundation

Hospital for the Needy in Kalabagh, Punjab, Pakistan

Darul Sadaqa786 and Osmania General Hospital

Hospital for the Needy in Karachi, Pakistan

Darul Sadaqa786 and Give Light Foundation

Orphan Support Worldwide

Darul Sadaqa786 and READ Foundation

Promoting Literacy Worldwide

Darul Sadaqa786 and HOPE USA

Poverty Alleviation in Pakistan